You’ve fallen off track.

It happens. Life is busy. Chaotic even. 
But now you’re bloated, tired and irritable. 
You feel out of control with your eating. Something’s gotta give.
Here’s the thing. You’re not into quick fixes or fads. 
Lifestyle changes are what you’re after.

Imagine hitting the reset button on your body.

You feel vibrant and energized.  

You’re in control, and confident about your food choices.  

You’re on track and you’ve got some serious momentum.   


My name is Tina Annibell.   I’m a health coach, speaker, educator and chef with a long history of my own health challenges including hormonal imbalances, massive digestive issues, sugar addiction, cystic acne and adrenal fatigue. I learned how to use food as an instrument to recover my health and transform my life. I want to help you to so the same.  

We live in a society that's wired 
to make us sick, overweight and stressed out. 

If you want to be healthy, fit and resilient, you must commit to your well-being.  And recommit. As often as necessary.

If you've been derailed this summer and you're ready to recommit then take the first step and register now. 


  • Summer got you WAY off track and you’re ready wrestle back control    
  • You feel overwhelmed about food and nutrition, and you want a structured, easy-to follow program with an expert to hold your hand and break it down for you every step of the way.    
  • You want more energy to do what is meaningful in your life.    
  • Quick fixes and fads are not what you’re into.  Long-term lifestyle changes are what you’re after    
  • You’re not dissatisfied with your heath BUT you know it could be better and want to experience a higher spin on the spiral      
  • You want OUT of the “icky cycle” of eating poorly > feeling self-critical > eating poorly > feeling heavy and lethargic > feeling self-critical… ad nauseam.

The 14 Day Fall Cleanse is perfect for you, if…

Within 2 weeks you’ll start to feel 
positive changes in your body 


Wouldn’t it be really great to… 

  • Break the cycle of sugar addiction
  • Feel lighter, calmer and happier
  • Quickly shift eating habits to a higher level
  • Clear up digestive issues including bloat, gas and constipation
  • Reduce inflammation and say goodbye to aches, pains and puffiness
  • Decrease congestion – get relief from allergies, sinus infections and respiratory conditions
  • Poop better, sleep better and have better hormone stability

Ramp Up Week 

Days 1 - 7 

Prepare and Connect

You’ll start learning, planning and connecting with myself and other participants. On 10/4, receive access to the Orientation Video, Recipe Book, Guidebook and the Private Facebook Community. 

14 Day Cleanse 

Days 8 - 21 

Reset your body

From 10/12 - 10/25, you’ll enjoy nutrient-dense foods that will allow your body to rebalance and reset. And you'll learn lifestyle practices to support your body's detoxification system.


Days 22 & beyond 

Maintain momentum

You'll learn how to identify potential food triggers and transition to an upgraded way of eating.

Join the 14 Day Fall Cleanse
 October 12th – October 25th 

14 Day Fall Cleanse Guidebook
Simple, set-by-step instructions are mapped out for you.  Includes checklists, templates & cheat sheets. (PDF)

Recipe Book
100+ seasonal recipes, meal plans and super quick ‘no recipe meal hacks’.  You’ll actually have way WAY MORE recipes than you’ll need! Many of them will become a part of your repertoire even after the cleanse is over. (PDF)

Coaching Calls
To get you informed on all the ins and outs of the cleanse, lead you through it and show you how to transition out of it. Calls will include time for Q & A. Just pick up the phone and dial – and you’re in. No worries if you can’t make the 3 live calls (10/7, 10/14, and 10/21)—audio recordings will be delivered to your inbox so you can listen (and re-listen) anytime.

Orientation Training Video
Shows you how to get yourself (and your kitchen) prepared. That way you’ll have plenty time to buy groceries and get set up before we begin.  You’ll also get an overview of what the cleanse will involve. As long as you have an email address and internet access you can watch (and re-watch) the video anytime.

Private Face Book Community
Where you can get support, feedback and camaraderie, as well as virtual coaching from me 24/7.  It’s the place to share inspiration and have all your questions answered.

$249 by October 4, 2018


 “I feel great - much less bloated,  more energy and my clothes fit better. The way you broke it down made it so simple and do-able. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and I LOVED the recipes.”  

 ~ Laurie A.

 “I have done other cleanses before, but Tina’s was the most educational and down to earth. Her method makes incorporating small steps into your non-cleanse life very smooth. I make several of the recipes from the cookbook on a regular basis now. I drink the Get-Up-and-Go Smoothie almost daily!”  

~Andrea G.

 “Success! I feel more energized and lighter, got back into good habits and made new permanent changes. The amount of guidance and plentiful opportunities to have my questions answered by Tina made this a very supportive  experience.”  

~Wendy L.

 “I got so much out of the cleanse!  I lost 7 pounds and feel great!”  

~ Patty C.

 “Lost 6 pounds, never felt hungry or deprived! I’m so glad I spent the money, it was more than worth it, and I feel great!”  

~ Diana L.

Here are some typical experiences…… 

What will you be saying one month from now?


What others have asked
before saying “I’m in!” to the 14 Day Fall Cleanse.

Will I lose weight?
If you’re not at a healthy weight already, then yes, you likely will. Most people lose 3-5 pounds during the cleanse. By cutting out the foods that are triggers for weight gain and learning how to find healthy replacements, you’ll also be setting yourself up for long-term sustainable weight loss. 

Why is it a better choice than other cleanses 
(juice & shake programs)?
THE FOOD.  It’s not just healthy and clean – it’s downright delicious. Unlike other cleanse programs, this one is designed to create sustainable, long-lasting changes in your eating habits. ‘Shake cleanses’ may be convenient but they give you zero advantage for learning how to prepare and enjoy nutritious whole foods over the long term, neither do juice fasts. The results of juice fasts and shake cleanses are not sustainable, any weight loss is often regained once food is re-introduced. Neither of these cleanses will help you learn which foods you maybe sensitive to and should avoid in the future. Plus, this cleanse won’t dump a ton of info in your lap and expect you to follow it on your own. You’ll have massive amounts of support. You’ll never feel left alone wondering what to do. 

What if I can’t make it to one of the calls?
No worries, I’ve got you covered. I’ll send you an on-line audio recording of any trainings you can’t attend.


I’ve never done a cleanse before, is this a good cleanse to begin with?
Absolutely! It will be a terrific entry point for you. The beauty of this gentle, food-based cleanse is that it can easily tailored for people who have never cleansed before to people who have a regular cleansing regimen. I will guide you, step by step, in customizing it so it works for your body, you’re lifestyle and where you’re starting from. 

I’ve done cleanses with you in the past, will it be worth doing this one? Will it be different?
Oh yes. Many people participate in this cleanse with me year after year.  They know the support, inspiration and accountability that comes with being in a structured group program makes the difference between really doing it and just talking about it. Every year is different.  I revamp the program including the Guide Book and Recipe Book.  As I learn more, I teach you more (and I’m always learning more). Most importantly, regular seasonal cleansing is a fantastic tool for continually ratcheting up your eating and self-care habits. With each cleanse, you’ll create a few new habits that stick over the long term. 

What if I can’t make it 2 weeks?
You’re stronger than you think, and the reward is worth it. Still, it’s up to you how much you do and for how long. Follow this plan for even 5 to 7 days and you’ll benefit, and you’ll learn a lot!

Will I have to be near a bathroom?
Nope. This is a gentle cleanse that will not involve emergency bathroom situations. Your digestion and elimination will likely improve but you will not be running for a bathroom.

It’s my birthday/I have a wedding/ I’m going away on a business trip during the cleanse. Can I still do it? 
There will never be a perfect 14 days where you have no plans. I love helping cleansers eat well during the events of normal life because that’s how you learn to maintain a healthy diet! And, there’s not an absolute start date, many successful cleansers decide to officially begin their cleanse after the “official start week.”

Do I have to fast?
Not at all. This is a food-based cleanse which means you’ll be enjoying 3 delicious meals and possibly a snack or two each day. The closest we come to fasting is an option to deepen your cleanse for 1 or 2 days (we’ll talk about how to know if you’re ready) by consuming juices, smoothies and broths.

Do I have to give up coffee?
You don’t have to do anything. However, some of my most hardcore coffee drinkers in past detoxes have given it up for good. Often those that have are really mad at me for a week and then they love me.

Is it ok if I’m gluten-free?  Dairy-free?  Vegetarian? Vegan?
Oh yeah. You’ll fit right in.

Do I have to spend a lot of money on herbs and supplements?
Nope. No herbs or supplements are absolutely necessary, unless you decide otherwise. I’ll tell you about a few of them and why you might decide to add them in, but many cleansers don’t use them and still get stellar results.

What if I don’t like any of the foods on the cleanse?
The food plan is extensive and varied.  I’ll provide you with oodles of meal ideas and recipes. You can also eat many of the foods you already enjoy. I’ll give you the lowdown of those foods you want to avoid and those you want to load up on. Most cleansers discover new foods and recipes that become a regular part of their repertoire even after the cleanse.

I’m not so tech savvy.  What do I need to be able to use the program materials, and what if I run into a tech snafu?
If you can click links, open files and press play on a video, you have what you need to use the program materials. Dialing a phone is the one other thing involved, but I know you’re good with that .  And if you get stuck or run into a snafu, I am just a message away at

Got a question I didn’t answer? Email it to me.


Need help registering, have questions or want to mail a check? 
email me  or call  


Ready, Set, Glow…


In case you’re wondering, this Fall Cleanse… 

  • Will not leave you feeling hungry or deprived. 
  • Can be done while maintaining your day-to-day routine.    
  • Will not require urgent bathroom trips.   
  • Can be tailored to your body, your lifestyle and where you’re starting from.    
  • Doesn’t involve fasting or taking lots of pills. 

“I have known Tina for 12 years now and the impact she has had on me and everyone who invites her into their lives is this: She is literally a probiotic for your whole life.

 She simply offers her gift to people and thinks it's no big deal. She thinks her gift is educating and inspiring people to grow, prepare and eat food that is in alignment with their DNA, and that is true.

 But what is really happening is she is instigating a change in the culture of your life, your family, your meals, your garden and your gut. The resulting change gives you the life force to have a meaningful positive impact on the world, whatever that means for you.” ;

~ Holly N. 

Tina’s seasonal cleanses have broken me of my sugar addiction. I’ve been doing them for 2 years and it’s been a continuously life-changing endeavor.”

~ Kathy S.

“The recipes were delicious, and I was never left feeling hungry. My elimination improved immediately, my energy level increased and I lost 3 pounds. I would ABSOLUTELY do it again!” 

~ Beth S.

What is it?

A whole foods based cleanse designed to reset your body so you can feel lighter, clearer and more energized. The Cleanse rebalances the body so making healthy food choices is easy even after your program is over. It includes a gentle, structured ramp-up and ramp-down for easy transitions. It is uncomplicated and will fit into your busy life.


What about the food?

You won’t be hungry. There’s no dogma or deprivation here. The food is delicious, varied and flexible – paleo, vegan, whole30, vegetarian adaptable – you choose. 

Foods you’ll avoid: sugar, flour, dairy, gluten, processed food, alcohol .


A delicious whole-foods cleanse with expert guidance, meal plans & recipes



In your kitchen & online, with coaching calls & 24/7 support 



A lighter, healthier, more energetic you



Develop long-term habits, lose weight without feeling hungry & supercharge your health

October 12–25

Discount on Food & Supplies

Receive 10% discount on all food and cleanse supplies purchased at Cornucopia Health Food Market in Sayville from 10/4 - 10/31.